ProWein 2012 – Day 1 Review

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ProWein 2012 – Day 1 Review

With a little delay let’s review Day one of this years ProWein.

First of all, ProWein 2012 is every time a tremendously busy, hectic and loud event, and the load of impressions is truly breathtaking. Although there is around forty to fifty thousand people walking around in the different exhibition halls, sometimes it feels like you are on a big family reunion. We’ve only been in this industry for a couple of years now, but already you know so many people and everybody wants to say hi and have a little chat with you. That makes it so much fun to be there.

So we started the day of with some Ayala and Bollinger champagne at the Grand Cru Select – booth. Always a good way to start off the day. Afterwards we moved to the German exhibition hall. This hall, the number 4, is always a very busy place and so it was this year to. Maybe not as crowded as in recent years, but still it was sometimes a very tiring task just to get to where we wanted.

Prowein 2012 Schloss Johannisberg VDP
Our first stop was at the world-famous Schloss Johannisberg‘s booth to try some of their new 2011-vintage wines, that were still only available as samples, because they are not bottled and marketed yet. Though some of these wines were not even filtered yet, we could already get an idea of what they will be like once they finally hit the market. And, as expected, the Gelblack, Rotlack and Silberlack (at Schloss Johannisberg the wines are named after the colour of the capsules) were pretty awesome. Christian Witte, executive director of Schloss Johannisberg, was very excited about the new wines. He will also be presenting them at the Vinexpo Hong Kong in June as well as many other occasions.

After shaking many many hands and doing a lot of small-talk, we then turned to the Austrian hall, which is also a very interesting meeting point every year. The Austrian exhibition hall  is managed by the Austrian wine marketing agency, the ÖWM and has a unified layout that gives every producer, both small and big the same space to present himself to the visitor. A very interesting and fair approach that seems to be much appreciated by the producers.
We started our Austrian journey at the Jurtschitsch winery from the Langenlois region, who presented us some very nice and clean GrunerProwein 2012 Jurtschtisch winery Austria Veltliner-wines at different price-points. Alwin Jurtschitsch is a still quite young winemaker who has, just like us, studied at the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences. He ferments all his whines spontaneously and matures them in big oak barrels, which gives his wines a very special kind of uniqueness. We also had the opportunity to try his red wines, a Zweigelt and a Pinot Noir, which were truly outstanding. Both were of beautiful strong color, with a rich full body and taste.Prowein 2012 Rotweine Lang Austria

Next up, we headed over to Rotweine Lang from the Mittelburgenland, a winery specialized solely on red wines. We tasted the whole range and were truly amazed by the quality of his Blaufränkisch, St.Laurent and also Cuveé wines that he presented us. Especially notable was the very reasonable pricing of his wines.

Of course, we saw many more wines and wineries during the day, but we will focus here on those who stood out from the crowd.
Please excuse if the updates come with a little delay, we will keep posting more as soon as we have the time.

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